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Who is Balzac?

Balzac is the agency specialized in brand stories. Of course, you could say: Balzac was one of humanity’s greatest storytellers. Not so obvious, we could answer, especially in these times. Today everyone produces contents. But not everyone knows how to create stories to tell.

From the electric hypercar to the sunscreen for children

Selected works by Balzac: little stories to read in a blink of eye

Five (randomly) selected works

Aspark Company
The Final Escape
The big big hub for nano nano technologies
Toscana Promozione Turistica
The wonderful media journey
Podium Advanced Technologies
A new website for one of the fastest growing companies in Europe

What experience does Balzac have?

Ugo de Balzac, born in ’63, has been working in communication since 1989. Gaetano de Balzac, born in 1977, since 1999. Together they have produced a thousand and one works for clients such as Barilla, Sant’Anna, Italdesign, Pininfarina, Ferrero, Indesit, Zambon, Agnesi, just to name a few. In '20 Bruno arrives, he is a reputation management and media relations expert. That's all, the team is complete.

Where is Balzac?

Balzac is in the centre of Turin in via Valfrè 14, between corso Galileo Ferraris and corso Vinzaglio. To find the door bell (and door) you just need to know that they are located just behind the “Cittadella of Pietro Micca”, behind the Carabinieri Cernaia station. To follow the navigator or Google maps is more simple.

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