How much money do you need to work with Balzac?

If it is true that nothing can be achieved without money, it is also true that not everything can be achieved with a penny. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to have millionaire budgets or Super Surprises upon delivery of the work.

In our job we hardly ever talk about prices in public: after all we believe ourselves to be artists, poets, writers until we discover that Michelangelo (Buonarroti) invoiced with a speed that neither a Wall Street broker or our dear Honoré de Balzac that was the nightmare of all parisienne publishers for the rapidity he got the money upfront to write its novels.

We are neither the good Buonarroti nor Honoré in flesh and blood (more flesh than blood), but we believe in quality work, also under the right payment. Obviously you can always find some good friend working for you almost for free or a big agency full of Yes Man that when you least expect it, “wham! That’s the super invoice”, we don’t forget it (LOL).

We don’t have a price list, because each project is a story in itself. In the portfolio we will show you the customer’s overall commitment through a simple caption, almost as if it were a guide to restaurants along the Seine: from One Star – cheap, you eat well, essential, easy-going – to Five – extraordinary cuisine, exemplary wine list, exceptional mise en place, attention to every detail and so on with a list of the best amenities.

One Star
Works designed, developed and completed in a short time (one month at the most) with a low impact in the world: a brand for internal communication, a mini-site for a product’s launch with ready-made content, an image for a social post, for example.

Two Stars
More intense work for a longer time (no more than three months, to give an idea): a complete corporate identity, a set of stories designed and produced for a product’s launch, a substantial website with more contents to be reworked and reorganized than to be done from scratch.

Three Stars
A website to be built starting from a blank page, with a media library to produce, a language to create, an e-commerce to put on the shopping list. Or a printed monograph with the stories of the founders and “trés chic” images. Or the set up of a social planning with selected influencers, the setting up of the right channels. Single but substantial activities, to be planned carefully, started gracefully, quickly developed.

Four Stars
There is an important event in plain sight: an international fair, the launch of an a-m-a-z-i-n-g product, the listing on the Hong Kong, London and New York Stock Exchanges. The activities multiply and interact with each other: from a website to a web series, from a film for augmented reality to the opening of dedicated digital channels.

Five Stars
Take the first star, add the second, make a quick upgrade to the third, round up with the fourth: from the naming activity for the meeting rooms to a pan-European digital campaign adding a pinch of TV and a just enough “WHOO”, et voilà, nothing escapes at our work.

Complete works