Gaetano de Balzac aka Gaetano Sorangelo was born at the end of the last century in Turin. He studies visual communication at Albe Steiner high school. With the brand-new diploma he is hired as art assistant in an agency of his city. Among the others here he meets the future Ugo de Balzac that he will meet again in another agency at the start of the new millenium. Seventeen years later he is one of the founder of Balzac. So written it seems a novel, but this is the life. In all these years Gaetano Sorangelo aka Gaetano de Balzac works for a thousand and more clients. Some names, from Z to A? Zambon, Barilla, Giugiaro, Ferrero, Lavazza, Sant’Anna, Agnesi. For them he studied logos, brand images, brochure, render, pack, animations and everything makes the show.

Complete works