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Awards, recognitions and other things we didn't really know where else to put

Good lord! The Honorable Award to Honoré de Balzac

Design, creativity and innovation. Awwwards is an international award as prestigious as it is unpronounceable, a bit like "you want those kiwis": every day it rewards the best websites created by agencies, designers, developers from all corners of our round planet.
 Our small site, which has already arrived fourth in the top sites of 2021 according to Elementor, has received an honorable mention from Awwwards for design, usability, creativity and content. We are very honored.

Practical design

After considering our little site on which you are reading these words among the best in the world (di you know we arrived fourth?), Elementor, the professional website-building platform that has more than a dozen million installations, asked us to leave a tip to the creator community (and why not, even to customers who turn to them).
You can read our short note from the link below, but the following is the summary: design is not a beautifying activity, but a fundamental part of the functionality of the entire site.

Showcase 2021


We arrived fourth (but all over the world)

Elementor is the professional platform for building websites that has more than eight million installations worldwide, not exactly just a few. Well, Elementor also chose our small website balzac.it as being among the most beautiful online productions of 2021 and then democratically exposed us the votes of the people. 
Apart from friends, whom we not only threatened to eliminate as friends if they didn't vote for us but also to give them a piece of our mind, many voted for us and we came fourth (and first among the websites of Italian agencies).

Complete works