Selected works by Balzac signed with his own hand.
Eight little stories to read in a blink of eye to understand
what we are made of.

The most powerful electric car in the world

The world market launch of the Japanese hypercar Aspark Owl

Stories around a toothpaste

Around Perlax, the toothpaste with 99% of natural raw materials.

New Stratos runs to Geneva

Runs with Balzac the limited series supercar by Manifattura Automobili Torino

The (digital) show of the direction

Sofia Lavinia Amisich website, opera director

Stories of moms, new moms and new grandmas

Stories by the sea, in the countryside, in the city for Delice Solaire, the products to protect children from the sun

For Ominee work starts here

The first engine in the world for the direct search for skills

From via Valfrè to the heart of China

Naming and branding for MiaMio, new furniture brand for chinese market

A passion for good things to share

Social media and good things for Passione Panino retail chain

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Balzac s.r.l.


VAT IT11913170012

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Via Valfré, 14 - 10121 Turin (Italy)

Registered office

Via Legnano, 27 - 10124 Turin (Italy)

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