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The most powerful electric car in the world made in Japan

Balzac was called to tell the world that the incredible Owl – 100% electric, 2,012 horsepower, 400 km / h, acceleration from 0 to 60 miles in less than 1.7 seconds – was ready to be mass-produced (50 exemplars , neither one more nor one less). No longer a project, an idea, a chimera but a real, concrete racing car that can be touched by hand. The first stop over of the journey was the Dubai Motor Show. The second will be the Geneva Motor Show.


From Osaka to via Valfrè

With a strong specialization in engineering services for the automotive sector, Aspark Company was founded in 2005 in Osaka by Masanori Yoshida. Today it has more than 25 offices worldwide, more than 3,000 employees, a turnover of around 24 billion (of yen, more or less 200 million of Euro). In 2014 the idea of ​​an all-electric hypercar was born. In 2019 the first production model of Owl is ready to be introduced at the Dubai Motor Show.

The official movie

"It's in our Nature"

A story in less than 100 seconds for the first real presentation movie of the car. It cannot move yet, but at least you can see it, feel it, you can almost touch it.

"The Power is in our Nature": the movie

"The making of the Owl"

A film on the born of the idea, on its development, the concrete realization of the hypercar. A short film containing all team’s interviews, from the creator Masanori Yoshida to the designers, developers and planners.

"It's the Press, my darling!"

There is no Humphrey Bogart in our mailing list, but all who counts. And for all of them Balzac has packed a large series of press releases one after the other, sent to each of them, one after the other. The result? Hundreds and hundreds of articles and quotes from all over the world, from CNN to fan blogs.

Portrait of the Owl

Around the world with Owl

In the studio, in the painting department, on Instagram, on Facebook, at the Dubai Motor Show, in the desert outside the city, on the website, with the spoiler up, with the spoiler down, with the gull-wing doors open, with the gull-wing doors closed, Owl is always able to give its best.

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