Ugo Gaspardone, also known as Ugo de Balzac, was born into an advertising family in the second half of the last century. After studying law, he began working in an agency in Turin, the capital of the Po Department, as a copywriter. A rather large agency often present in the Carosello. A few years later he opens a small one. A few years later he opened another one, a little less small and then finally became de Balzac with Gaetano de Balzac.

Ugo Gaspardone aka Ugo de Balzac, produces among other things the first comparative campaign for Acqua Sant’Anna, the first website in Piedmont language for the Centrale del Latte di Torino, the Brera name for Alfa Romeo. Not to mention a long, very long series of works for Riso Gallo, Galup, Italgas, Ferrero, L’Oréal, Barilla, Dufour, Indesit, Italdesign, Pininfarina.

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