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Balzac for minicars made in France: c'est super


Aixam Mega




Minis go to the max on social media

Aixam is the number one minicar in Europe, in France (where it started in 1983), in Italy (a market in which Balzac works) and in Via Valfrè, where it arrived in the summer of 2022, quietly entering the ZTL with an electric range model. Minicars, also called light quadricycles, can be driven from 14 years of age with an AM license. If you have an A or B license you can drive them anyway: even if they have a small engine and a limited speed they are practical, comfortable and safe for short trips, especially in the city.
After having parked near number 14 of the now extremely well-known Via Valfrè, Aixam, which in our country has over 100 dealers, immediately began working with Balzac in the field of digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google for ad campaigns.

Three characters looking for an engine

Three protagonists: Raffaella, Enrico and Giorgia, filmed in moments of their daily routines. Five colorful minicars with and without engines (diesel and electric) around the city. Posts, reels and stories for minors, or not much older, on Instagram, adult content aimed at parents on Facebook.

Coils and red earths

Under the canopies of a covered market, under the blows of tennis rackets, small films that become stories.

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