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2.012 horsepower, from dream to reality

After the Dubai Motor Show the most powerful electric hypercar in the world is ready for the Geneva Motor Show’s big showcase, as well as Balzac is one again ready to tell globally its record numbers: 2.012 horsepower, 400 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 1,7 seconds.
The Owl, with a 50 pieces limited production, is finally ready to run and to be shooted, up and down the curves, along the straights of the tracks, on the streets of the world.

Run faster than events

The Owl runs on two sets: Cerrina racetrack and the street that goes up to the Sacra di San Michele, symbolic monument of the Piedmont, in a February sunny day. Behind the wheel there’s Vicky Piria, a magical eyes professional driver. Some days after, while the best takes are being chosen, just before the Geneva Motor Show, everything stops, but the most powerful electric project in the world does not.

Vicky's final escape

After tested the car on the circuit, Vicky changes her closthes, let down her hair, gets again on the Owl and runs on mountain roads. When she arrives at the Sacra di San Michele her eyes talk in duets with the ones of a noble owl, protagonist of the first film a few months earlier.

"The Final Escape": the film

A day in Monza with the Owl

August. The sun is burning the Monza Race Track asphalt. The pilot takes a breath, wears the helmet, get on the Owl and he dushes on a series of difficult tests, together with the whole team of designers and developers.

Owl is Super

In November, at the Paul Ricard of Le Castellet, one of the most famous racetracks in the world, the Owl grinds kilometers after kilometers, curve after curve, straight after straight.

The most powerful (and photographed)

Almost an historical transition: from the studio portraits and on the platform in the Motor Shows to shots on the track and in the pits, between one test and another.

Play with the Owl

With Balzac the Owl takes its place at the starting blocks of Asphalt 8: Airborne, probably one of the best racing series ever, with more than 120 million downloads in the world. Try it on Asphalt 8! Follow this link.

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