BESS is more

2020 | 2021

Biblioteca Elettronica di Scienze Sociali ed Economiche del Piemonte

Brand design
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BESS is more
(than a library)

BESS is the abbreviation of Electronic Library of Economic and Social Sciences of the Piedmont (Biblioteca Elettronica di Scienze Sociali ed Economiche del Piemonte in italian language).
Actually is made up of fifteen libraries and documentation centers.
From today it is also composed by a new site and a real logotype made in Balzac.
Starting from the logo: the spine of an imaginary book, the cover with the author’s big name on it, designed in one only color in the moment in which it has catched from a shelf (fisically) of a library.

All resources at the tip of the mouse (and fingers)

A simple, essential, functional, naturally responsive website, created to drive the visitor’s attention to the appropriate channel. A site also suitable for exploring the online world of the resources made available by the libraries and documentation centers that adhere to BESS: periodicals, databases, archives, as well as the EBSCO database which can be queried directly from the site. All the illustrations were hand made produced by the agency.

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