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2019 | 2020

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Stories of moms, new moms and grandmas

Stories by the sea, in the countryside, in the city for Delice Solaire, the products to protect children from the sun. Stories in the form of tips from grandmas to new grandmas, from moms to new moms. Stories in the form of experiences, from the nappy change to the best way to get the baby to sleep. Stories that one by one tell the place in the world occupied by Delice Solaire, the brand dedicated to the children’s care.

Giulia and Paola, Rosa and Simona

A new mom and then a new grandma, another new grandma and then another new mom: they are the four first protagonists. Indeed the first and the second, because the series double without stopping. The format is simple and immediate: they choose a card and read the question answering at close range.

What is the beauty of summer?

We had questioning beach by beach, parasol by parasol, village by village. We made a small series of summer’s portraits and its protagonists: genuine, passionate, true.

Social media women

On the official Facebook Delice Solaire page – not named as the product but more emotionally “Estate protetta” – it’s possible to find all stories created and produced by Balzac. The page is exclusively followed by the women (if not 100%, at least 99,99).

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