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The most beautiful island in the world (also online)

In the spring of 2022, Balzac embarked on a new adventure: he won the tender organised by the Island of Elba’s Tourist Board and began to explore, grain by grain, rock by rock, bay by bay, one of the most marvellous places in the world (at least for us and for all visitors who have been there at least once: the title above did not warrant this clarification…).

Your personal Paradise

Famous for its scenic beauty, with white sandy beaches, sheer cliffs and small villages, Elba offers a holiday that is different from the usual, far beyond the sea: for its historical and cultural offerings, for outdoor sports from mountain biking to trekking, for the sustainability of the environment, for a lifestyle that is simple and sophisticated at the same time, difficult to explain but easy to understand after just a few hours on the island.
There is not just one Elba, everyone finds their own. That is why the leitmotif of the communication campaigns is ‘your personal Paradise’.

Two minutes of beauty - Directed by Daniele Fiaschi

Every day is a great day in Elba

In summer as in winter, every day for several times a day, Elba speaks to a robust (and growing) community, reaching tens of thousands of people, generating thousands of reactions between comments, shares, clicks, on the main channels, Facebook and Instagram, to which TikTok is about to be added.
Overall result? An engagement rate far above international standards in tourism, destinations, leisure.

How to feel on holiday before you even go on holiday

An essential, functional, naturally responsive visitelba.info site, designed to take the visitor straight to the contents. An agile system of filters to find, for example, the favourite beach, the trekking or MTB route most suited to one’s training, the most stimulating cultural experience.
Un sito che finalmente offre informazioni pratiche e aggiornate: come arrivare, come programmare il viaggio, che cosa fare in tre soli giorni, dove trovare le colonnine di ricarica per le elettriche, quali eventi, piccoli o grandi che siano, sono previsti oggi e nei giorni a venire.
Anche il sito di Visit Elba è stato costruito con Elementor, la piattaforma professionale della quale Balzac è un esperto a livello mondiale. Non lo sapevi? Informati qui.

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