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A not so small app for the great China

February 2020, the Pandemic starts and ES Designtrend, ambassador of the made in Italy for the country of silk, noodles and Ming’s dinasty, has not exactly a small problem: how to present the new collections? New brands? New trends? In person, certainly not, given the lockdowns, the difficulties to travel and the health restrictions. Not with a website, given all navigation obstacles between VPN and extra national net link.
Solution is simple (for Balzac): an app which works as such, hence the website, hosted on a platform regularly working in China.

Tons of brands and images

16 powerful brands, from Arflex to Oikos, through the whole furniture sector: sofas, tables, entrance doors, complete living systems, kitchens, bathrooms, design glasses, radiators and tiny house for pets.
Almost a thousand of pages with more than six thousand of images, all downloadable and shareable.

A very, real italian logo

In the fabulous 2021 Italy earned championships, medals and victories as never before, in the same year a brand was born: red starts from the bottom of “E” letter to finish at the end of “S” letter, the white background is never unfashionable and two lines for the green. Built on curvy and tubularity shapes (do you know the structures for facade restoration?) ES logo finally breaks the classic three-color ribbon that always underlines everything born from our country.
Don’t say that also the most famous italian brand has a three-color lines: in that case it’s a ribbon over the Francesco Baracca’s Prancing Horse, not under.

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