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The Emergency Room of the languages has now a name and identity.

Born in full pandemic Language Aid is a digital platform to overcome the language barriers, which are dangerous in emergency situations, when our safety depends on knowledge.
Balzac helped the platform by producing a name in the form of help or aid or ādhāra (in Sinhala), fairly well-known universally to be understandable despite the diversity of the language or langue or luqadda (in Somali).
Language Aid connects frontline operators directly with migrants, asylum seekers, and foreigners in difficulty. Simple and intuitive, Language Aid can be used with a PC or smartphone and allows translation into most European, African and Asian languages.
To make your donation go on the platform’s website or on the association’s website.

An universally known sign

The Language Aid logotype is an easy to interpret sign in almost all countries of the world, where comics are well known as a symbol of entertainment (and not only: also of culture and transmission of thoughts, customs, rituals).
Three overlaid speech balloons, like three help requests, one after the other, three distinct exclamations, three colors, registers or vocal timbres, three people, three souls, three living beings in search of a voice.

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