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Nano plus Fab plus Net: nano stands for nanotechnologies, fab not for fabulous but for fabrication, net for the network. A network made up of dozens and dozens of stakeholders, committees, associations, initiatives and projects spread all over the world, from Europe to the Americas, which on the platform’s website exchange knowledge, skills and experiences on the subject of sustainable, ethical and safe production of nanotechnologies.
The dimensional scale of nanotechnologies is based (what a surprise) on the nanometer, or one billionth of a meter. In the initial letter of this sentence there are three million nanometers, all in a row, looking at them from the computer with which we are finishing this sentence. Or rather imagine them.

From vessel sergeants to generals: the four levels of access to the platform

After giving NanoFabNet an identity as solid as it is simple, reorganizing characters and spaces, colors and figurative style, Balzac (chosen after a competition between the best site producers with Elementor) has gone on to build a platform with four levels of access to information and the database.

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