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e-elettric. e-legant. e-Scouty.

Gritty, futuristic, original. It almost looks like an off-roader, but it is not even a car, but a minicar: it can be driven from 14 years old with an AM licence, the one for mopeds. Technically (and according to the law) it is in fact a light quadricycle that does not exceed 45 km/h.
Film, images and social are by Balzac.

The under-18s have the floor

The e-Scout was born for their desire for independence, for their mobility needs, especially in certain territorial contexts, e.g. to avoid long waits at the station, uncomfortable bus journeys, marches through the frozen countryside & so on. This is not to say that adults (or rather adults of age) should be excluded: after all, a minicar can be an effective alternative to a car in the strict sense of the word because of its lower maintenance and insurance costs, and out-of-the-ordinary agility on tiny city streets. But then again, the primary target audience is young people who can already drive an e-Scouty at the age of 14 with an AM licence. And we got them talking in front of a camera.

Impossible to remain indifferent

Strong lines. Big yellow suspension and the grit of a mini-SUV or micro off-roader. Even in photo format it is the under-18s who present it, drive it, experience it. Without any worries about autonomy: maybe one day they will do 250 kilometres a day for work, not today.

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