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After the first, fortunate campaign of the summer 2020 inviting Italians to rediscover the regenerating force of nature and beauty after the lockdown, “‘Tuscany, Endless Renaissance” returns, a project of promotion, including cultural promotion, which has been worked on by Fondazione Sistema Toscana and Toscana Promozione Turistica. A branding campaign that “has had excellent results in terms of emotional engagement and a significant impact on the visit intent of potential visitors to Tuscany who have seen it”, comments Francesco Palumbo, director of Fondazione Sistema Toscana. “In its impact on the perception of Tuscany, the campaign has in fact achieved results above market benchmarks and has been functional in showing the ability of operators and destinations to propose innovative post-COVID proposals”.
Balzac has also made his small contribution with planning and media buying for luxury travel magazines. The campaign was conceived and produced by the wonderful FutureBrand agency.

Endless Beauty

The proposal covers a range of seven travel themes. From the sea and the escape from the city to the authentic life of the villages, to nature and wellness, from cultural events and live art. And then the longer stays, those of even a month or more, as was usual some time ago, and now return thanks to the possibility of smart working.

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